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How The Collective Consciousness is Being Raised By Law of AttractionThe law of attraction is getting more and more popular these days. It seems even once “bitter and twisted” celebrities like Perez Hilton are turning over a new leaf. :

It may seem strange for someone to readily open themselves up for public ridicule and critical scrutiny after being the agent of it towards so many others — especially in front of an audience of hundreds on a nightly basis.

But with his new body and new attitude, Perez Hilton isn’t fazed at all. “Ummm, I am definitely hyper-aware of things because I’ve been in it — in front of the camera and behind it,” said Hilton who ends his limited run with the show on October 7.

“I think it’s healthy to put yourself out there. It’s the law of attraction — as Oprah (Winfrey) says — if you put energy out there, it would come back your way and hopefully if you’re putting yourself out there in a positive way, you’ll get positive things back.”…More at Perez Hilton comes full circle – CNN

This turnaround is to be expected as the collective consciousness is gently being raised to a higher vibration. You see for decades now, individual consciousness has slowly been raised through exposure to new age practices such as positive thinking, affirmations, law of attraction, and meditation. But there has been a widening gap between our collective consciousness (what we practice as a society) and our individual one.

You can see it every day in the news items that we are presented with. Not much positive thinking going on there right? And you can see it with the practices of the mega corporations – not a lot of doing the “right thing” happening there either.

But it is starting to change!

How To Use The Law of Attraction

With the new environmental move towards a greener, more sustainable lifestyle our society is waking up to the power that we hold in our hands. You can see this change becoming evident in our everyday living (hybrid cars, recycling, water saving, growing our own vegies etc). And you can also see how a change in thinking is trickling through as well. You could argue that it was people like Oprah who dared to bring light into our world that have really fast tracked this change. I think Oprah was extremely brave when she made the shift from the traditional “gossip style” talk show to one that dared to showcase new age methodologies.

So what does this mean for each of us who already know about the Law of Attraction? How do we contribute to the collective consciousness whilst still walking our own paths?

I’ve found that the best way to show others the effectiveness of the law of attraction is to be at home with it ourselves. What I mean by this is that simply by practicing it quietly every day, people will naturally start enquiring how you seem to get those results in your life. There is nothing worse than preaching to people. It’s much more effective to simply focus on yourself and let those around you see what happens.

Here are my top 3 tips for allowing the law of attraction to work it’s magic:

  1. Stop judging yourself. It’s natural that you are not going to be perfect every moment of the day. Relax – it’s not meant to be so serious.
  2. Start noticing yourself. To change your thoughts you need to catch your thoughts. Reward yourself when you catch those negative thoughts. You’ll get better the more you practice.
  3. Have fun. The more fun you have, the more you’ll attract what you want.

These might seem simple, but over the years I’ve noticed that these are the 3 fundamentals that many people skip when it comes to getting the most from the law of attraction.

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