Who is Kellie’s Soulmate?

Learning to manifest is like learning to use a new muscle. It takes practice, but the more you do it, the BETTER you become at it.

Kellie Had Heard Of Manifestation

Take my friend Kellie for instance. When she first learned about the law of attraction she had big plans to manifest a wonderful partner. The problem was that Kellie had never really consciously created anything before. Stuff just happened to her. Sometimes it was good stuff, and other times it was bad stuff happening. But Kellie spent most of her life reacting rather than creating.

Still Kellie jumped in anyway. She decided to manifest her perfect man.

Imagine how Kellie would feel if after 7 years she found her true love

She tried everything she knew about manifesting and the law of attraction. And yet 6 months later, Kellie was frustrated at her lack of any actual dates, let alone a new boyfriend.

Kellie Made A Mistake

You see Kellie made the BIG mistake that most beginners make when it comes to manifesting. She didn't have the belief in herself to really create what she wanted. And why would she? She had no experience or results that she could call upon.

The only thing that stands between where we are and where we want to be is our mind.

Instead of starting off small and manifesting real results that she could actually see, she jumped in too deep and went for something that her mind just wouldn't let her have.

Now make no mistakes: the Universe doesn't care one iota about what we choose to create. The Universe sees absolutely no difference between a toy car and a real one! The difference is in our heads.

If Kellie had started off small and practiced manifesting everyday she would have built up her manifesting confidence. She would have seen amazing results straight away and these results would have COMPOUNDED.

Being a great manifestor takes practice. You don't just suddenly go from broke to millionaire overnight (well most people don't anyway!) It's like learning a new skill.

To get the results you seek, you need to exercise your manifestation muscles in a practical ritualistic way. You need to practice everyday.

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