Basic Ritual Preparation

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The basis for all good rituals begins here. Whether it's a simple bath ritual or a full on halloween ritual you should always take the time to prepare for your ritual. The best reason for this is that it gets you in the mood. Rituals work, in part, because we give them value. The more value we give them, the more we attract what we want when we use them. Sounds simple huh? It is!! This is the reason that people have prayed and chanted and celebrated for millenia. We are powerful when we want to be. And the more we practice a ritual, the more it works. It's important to note that when I use the word "ritual" I don't necessarily mean wicca or spells or anything occult. I like to use it to encompass everything that makes us master the law of attraction more easily.


The first step in ANY ritual is to decide on where we will hold it. It's pretty obvious that a bath ritual will be done in the bathroom. Or is it? What if you have an outside spa? Or an old farm bath under the stars? Take the time to consider all of your options. For most rituals a simple space set aside that is peaceful will be fine.

A lot of the time fire is going to come in handy as a cleanser, so maybe think about how you could incorporate this into your space. Do you have a fireplace inside, or will you need to move outside to a brazier or bbq? Please note: you can replace water with fire for any of the rituals on this site. Also you don't have to have a blazing furnace – a small candle is great too. It really comes down to your preferences. After all, the ritual is about you. But if you choose to use fire, make sure safety is in your preparation. Have a fire extinguisher ready if you are lighting a blaze, or some water if you are lighting candles.

Some rituals like the full moon rituals are best done outdoors where you can see the moon. You could even do some rituals at the beach if you feel a connection to the ocean. The possibilities are endless.

Don't think you can't make your home a great environment for rituals. If you only have a small flat, you could easily add an alter like this one:

Small Ritual Altar

It's small and simple with a few crystals. But the important thing is that it is valued by the owner. Which brings me to the next step.

Step 2: Ritual TOOLS

No matter what ritual you are performing they all require tools. A tool is simple anything that will engage 1 or more of your 5 senses. For example: bath rituals are great with bubbles and luscious smells; candles form the basis of most rituals, crystals can take a ritual to a whole new dimension. Again it's important to try and gather tools that are meaningful to you. Some people will take the same set of crystals with them at every ritual. Others will find new items that have meaning.

It's important that you don't feel like you have to come up with an amazing set of tools for every ritual. A tool for you may simply be a vision board, or a photo, or a mind movie, an affirmation, or even a piece of paper!

Thinking about what tools you will need before hand just makes the ritual more powerful and more productive.

I hope this has given you lots of ideas and encouragement for your next ritual. Remember it's fun and light and joyous – that's how we all attract amazing lives!

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