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Bring in the new year with a powerful ritual to attract abundance and joy. This ritual will make it easy to attract what you want and to cleanse away what you don't.  So let's do it:

Step 1: Out With The Old

Take some time to think about the things you don't want to bring with you in 2013. For example: jealousy about X, judgement about Y, criticism of myself, worrying about money, poor impulse control, not honoring my body etc. Write these down individually on pieces of paper. Now lets start with our preparation for this ritual. If you haven't already, have a look at basic ritual preparation. Once you have all of your unwanted thoughts and experiences written down, it's time to leave them behind. We can do this by fire or by water.  If using fire, take the necessary precautions (fire extinguisher/water etc). Fire ranges from a simple candle, to a back yard brazier, it's up to you!

  new year ritual fire                water ritual

Take each piece of paper and put them into the fire or the water. If using water, you just submerge them into a bucket or jug. As you do this mentally leave each one in the past. That's it – simple huh?

Step 2 – Create Your Perfect 2013

Now it's time to get creative. You can use a vision board, some pieces of paper, a journal or a whiteboard. Be specific and write out your goals for the year. Try and cover all areas of your life: health, career, relationships, home, lifestyle etc. Remember to be AS SPECIFIC as you can. It's great if you can use all of your senses. You could use photos, drawings, even mixed media (crystals, incense, shells etc).

sample vision boards

Don't let yourself be limited! Remember this is your best year yet so get inspired and start creating a great reality. The most important thing is to be CLEAR and PRECISE. Don't be vague. If you want a new car write down the make, model, color, year and value. If you want to find love make a list of the EXACT attributes he/she must have. Create some of the things you will do together, including the interests you will share, the travels you will go on etc. I can't stress this enough – take the time to be precise.

Once you have your new year planned, it's time for the next step.

Step 3 – Bring It Into Your Reality

Law of Attraction Crystal

Take your vision (your board, paper, photos, writings, lists, plans whatever you have) and light a red candle. Red is the color of attraction. And these are the things you are attracting to you. Get out your favorite abundance crystal (citrine, jade, adventurine, rose quartz agate or any crystal that you really love). Hold your crystal in your hands while you visualize your exact goals for the new year. Feel the love, the motivation, the joy, the passion, the excitement, the fun, the child in you and connect with the universe as you draw these things into your life.

law of attraction 2013

If you follow these steps, you're on your way to the best year you've ever had. Forget the resolutions, it's creation that you should be focusing on. And it all starts with these simple steps.

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