Law of Attraction – It’s How You Feel, Not What You Think

March 31, 2013 | By More

using feelings with law of attraction

I've said it before, and I'll say it again – FEELINGS make the world go round. Literally. I see so many people wondering why they keep getting the same bad luck over and over. Whether it's a partner who doesn't treat you right, or blowing out the credit cards after paying them out a 3rd time, or missing yet another promotion – it's the same reason!!!! You might think you are getting control of your thoughts, but are you really? Spending 10 minutes using law of attraction to create your reality is a great start. But you are missing the biggest step if you stop there.

What are you feeling for the rest of the day? Feelings matter the most when it comes to LOA. What you feel is what you are transmitting to the universe. And unfortunately for most of us – it's unconscious. We are not even aware that we are feeling bad for most of the time. Think of it this way: feelings can become a habit. You've probably heard that we think 10,000 thoughts a day and that most of them are the same thoughts as yesterday. Well that gets boring for our brains pretty quickly. So it's almost all on autopilot.

In order to take control of our reality, we need to reign in our feelings. Just try checking in every hour or so and ask: Am I attracting the positive or the negative right now?

You see it's not just how you feel, but it's how you feel on average throughout the day. The good news is that an ounce of happiness will trump a pound of anger. But watch out for the in between. The niggling, whingeing, sour grapes and general discontent most of us feel affects what we get tomorrow and the forseable future. Remember you are creating your reality right now.

Simple steps to feel happy now:

1) Get a photo of a loved one, keep it close by (most of us have these in our purse) get it out and remember what you love about them

2) Look up a funny video on your iphone – you can even book mark some vids on youtube ready for when you need a laugh

3) Shock your system back into the positive – splash water on your face, run up some stairs, do 5 star jumps – anything to snap your body out of it's slump

4) Fake laugh until you find it funny. You'd be surprised how effective this is. Your body needs to release it's emotion anyway so it may as well be laughter.

Using these simple methods you should find it a lot easier to keep yourself out of the doldrums and into the joy. Remember it's best not to hang around the neutral to mediocre scale of emotion if you can avoid it. Other tips such as vision boards, visual diaries, music etc are great to really get you positive as well. But sometimes you just need to move a little bit to attract your reality. It's in the now that we create our reality.

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