Law of Attraction

Law of attraction:

The law of attraction can be an amazing revelation when you first stumble across it. Realizing that we create our own reality with our everyday thoughts and feelings can be like seeing in color for the first time. But it can also be a harsh task master.

The number 1 problem that most people struggle with is: it’s not instant. The feedback is delayed. So the thoughts you have today about something might not effect your reality until weeks or even months later! Or they may not effect it at all.

Most of us are brought up fighting against our circumstances. We come into the world and we are taught that we have to compete for happiness. We have to compete at school for good grades, compete at work for a good salary and compete at dating for the best mate we can find.

But this is EXACTLY the opposite of universal law! The universe is full of abundance. There is no limit of potential. Our thoughts and feelings are what directs this potential. That is the way the law of attraction works.

The best way to describe the law of attraction is by seeing yourself as a transmitter. Everything that you desire in life at this moment is transmitting a certain frequency. You need to adjust your own frequency to bring your desires into your reality.

How do you adjust your frequency? Through love. Sure it could be more complicated if you want it to be. But the basic principle is that the more love and joy you feel in your day to day life, the more love and joy you will attract. And of course with that love and joy comes the things that make you feel happy. It’s a never ending cycle. So if you’ve got things in your life right now that make you angry or frustrated, ask yourself what feelings you have had in the past that may have attracted them.

Because we are a society that is “brain” based rather than “heart” based, it’s easy to fall into the trap of only looking at our thoughts. This can be effective, but no where near as effective as using feelings. The reason for this is that the currency of the universe is “feelings”. Even though you might be thinking about money, it’s your emotion behind those thoughts that is doing all the attracting.

How does the law of attraction best work? Through persistent practice. Some of us have years of negative patterns to undo. When you talk or think about money what does it look like? Most of us unconsciously repeat the same old pattern: “I shouldn’t have bought that”, “Gee that’s really expensive”, “Not another bill!”, “It’s impossible to live comfortably anymore”, “How did she get the money for that?”, “Sorry I can’t afford that” and on it goes.

No one can change their thinking overnight. So the first step in any law of attraction practice should be:

1) Be Aware of Your Feelings

Start to monitor and notice what you are feeling and thinking during the day. Are there any thoughts that seem to slip by unnoticed? Or any beliefs that need to be worked on? You can’t change what you feel until you see what is already there. Most of us start with a burning issue we’d like to address, such as relationships, health or finances.

By taking the time to look at your feelings around this issue, you’ll be able to cut any negativity in the bud a lot easier. This will help you master the law of attraction. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t catch it straight away, remember it takes time to move from unconscious to conscious.

The next step is:

2) Law of Attraction Practice

Simply spending 10 minutes a day focusing on things that make you feel joy will have a big impact on what you attract into your life. There are so many ways to do this, but here are a few examples:

– Keep a happy journal. Put items (photos, letters, trinkets, colors) that make you happy into a small wallet or folder that you can keep with you during the day.

– Write a gratitude diary. Every day before you go to bed write down 5 things that you are grateful for.

– Bookmark funny videos on your iphone. Look through youtube/internet and find some videos that make you laugh. Keep them handy for when you get down.

– Make time for nature. Simply going for a walk in your local park can work wonders. If you love the beach, walk on the sand.

– Cuddle your pet. Pets are great for feeling spontaneous joy.

– Use a guided meditation. We’ve got some great resources on this site for this. Spend just 1 minute flooding your body with intense positive emotion is amazing.


If you follow these 2 steps you’ll be well on your way to a law of attraction life of abundance!

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