Full Moon Rituals – How To Do A Full Moon Ritual

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How to use the full moon for ritualsFull moon rituals are a great chance to let go of the past and bring in new. They can be used for many different things. Once you have the basic full moon ritual you can adapt it for whatever you need.

Firstly as I’ve mentioned before, the full moon is a great time for cleaning your crystals. Almost all crystals benefit from the energy of the full moon. You can either leave your crystals out overnight in the moonlight. Or you can leave a jug of water out overnight and bathe your crystals in the water the next day.

Let’s start with the basis of any good full moon ritual. Firstly what you need to do is to ground yourself. Obviously this works if you are able to go outside into the moonlight itself. Grounding yourself is a process by which you are connecting to mother Earth. It is best done if you are relaxed and peaceful. You can sit or stand but it is best if you close your eyes.

Begin by imagining there is a flow of energy from the crown of your head that runs through your body and out through the soles of your feet into the earth. This is a beautiful white energy that cleanses your soul.

Imagine that you are this energy. Feel yourself move out through your feet into the ground, into the earth beneath you. Now visualise the energy  moving deeper and deeper underground. See it passing through the bedrock miles beneath you. Feel it move through the minerals and through the iron ore and into a great cavern.

This cavern has never seen the sun, it is so far beneath the earth that no man has ever seen it. Imagine that you are bathing in the pure water of the cavern. Imagine that you are bathing in the pure water of the cavern. This water that has never seen the sun, it has never been polluted – it has been there for millennia.  It is the most pure and the most peaceful place in the world. As you immerse in this water, feel it cleanse your soul and wash away the toxins. Feel your soul renew and become reborn in the water. Feel yourself wrapped in the love of mother Earth.

Full Moon Ritual – The Next Step

Once you have done this simple grounding ritual, you can then use the moon  to perform any simple ritual that you choose. Examples include letting go of things that you no longer want to hold onto, attracting love, attracting abundance, manifesting dreams.How To Attract Love With A Full Moon Ritual

It is easy to perform a letting go ritual with fire. You can write down what you want to say goodbye to on pieces of paper and light them. or you could write  it on candles and light candles. Either way fire is a powerful ritual with a new moon.

If you want to attract love you can do a new moon love ritual. New Moon love rituals work well with the colours pink and red.  you can arrange some pink flowers around red candle and light a candle whilst visualising exactly the type of person that you want to attract. See yourself having lovely romantic times with this person doing all the things that you want to do and sharing all that you want to share. You can even use essential oils such as Rose or patchouli.

Whatever ritual you choose to do will be greatly amplified if you do it on the night of the full moon. That’s the great thing about full moon rituals. You can make the evening special by sharing it with a few of your closest friends and perhaps even enjoying a delicious feast under the stars.

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